Our profession as salesmen make us talkative,

But, to be accurate in floral odors, we have been learned to be more convincing not by talking and speaking; no , by trying … yes trying

We will grant any client to try our pioneer products for whole day (24 hours) free of charge.


Add the smell as a main piece of your internal décor:

Most of people do their best to tide and furnish their home, work place, and showrooms with very expensive furniture and antiques, careless of the odor.

But in the contrast, many studies confirmed the importance of place smell as a first impression of visitors, this Floral Odors Advise.

For example, you smell unconsciously the place that will give positive or negative impression to you. 


New technology in prefuming the air

scentsflowers adopt patent Twin-fluid spray and high-speed air flow technologies to atomize essential oils into nano particles.

Versus traditional low-performance heat type, Scenta machines can atomize the essential oil thin enough to rebound integrality when crashed by any object. In that case the particle will not stick on wall or pipeline, most importantly, scent will spread to every single corner in the room.